Hello WordPress…


I guess now I start off with a confession:

I have never had so much damn trouble installing WordPress as I did this version.

The first time I used it was … a while ago. Maybe 6 years ago? Since then, I’ve had it installed on hosted domains and used it through wordpress.com, and yeah, sometimes there have been issues and glitches, but this is the first time it’s ever taken me weeks to get it to show itself so that I can actually effectively use it.
I really, truly have no actual idea of what the problem was, although I suspect that on the day that I first clicked on the one-click install, the marketplace that serves it to my hosting provider was going through a change (because when I started it was called one thing, and by the time I was about to lose my mind, it was something else) and things just escalated from there. I’m not going to hold my breath here on an error free blog for a while yet, either.

LSS: After not having this domain hosted for a while, I recently reinstated it as a place to record my thoughts about my attempt to make a career change by going to code school/developer’s bootcamp.

I am not currently enrolled yet. That is a whole other story, one that led me to map out a path of self education for myself that will – hopefully – prepare me for whatever program I end up in.

Next up:

Finally, after weeks of wanting to get it down in easy-to-read blog format, I’ll be listing out my path and what I hope to do with it, so I’ll have it (hopefully) in perpetuity.

For now, this is my test post. I’ll have to see if I need to make any tweaks (I’m sure I will) to the appearance, plug-ins, etc. Add some widgets, yadda yadda.

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