I *may* be an overachiever.

So while I should have felt pretty relaxed this weekend, because Saturday at work was short and sweet, I was actually pretty stressed. I spent some time this last week inquiring about a loan at my bank, so that in the event that I don’t get a scholarship (which I certainly am not counting on, although my fingers are tightly crossed) I’d have an option that makes more sense to me than the payment plan that Code Fellows offers (because with taking a Development Accelerator right after Bootcamp and the aggressive payment schedule, it seems like the payment would get stacked up and be unmanageable) or the financing they have (because you can only get a loan for half, and I’d still have to come up with the other half anyway). I was turned down on the spot for a consumer loan – not enough income. SURPRISE! But the personal banker suggested that we apply for a Home Equity loan or a HELOC because we own our house and have for 7 years and property values have increased quite a bit.

After taking some time away from the pre-work for the Unix and Git for Everyone class (which I still finished that day) to fill out the application, I got an email that evening that they wouldn’t be able to help us for various reasons. Strike Two.

So that’s pretty stressful. I was actually super hoping for that Home Equity loan, as I could have also paid some things off so we wouldn’t have those payments to make when I’m not working. If nothing else, the pittance I make pays the credit card bills and whatnot. So now I’m back to waiting to hear about a scholarship. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the bank and re-apply for the consumer loan with my husband on it as well and see if that works, as a back-up plan.

I won’t say that my insomnia has come back in full force because of this, but I certainly am spending more time lying awake at night thinking about how to best manage all of this.

Additionally, it is uncharacteristically slow at work. While I am somewhat gleeful about this because I’m not going to be there much longer anyway, and the less time I’m there, the more time I have for pre-work and study, I’m also feeling broker, and broker, and broker…

It will be a rough 8 months or so even if things were “best case scenario”, but now I’m definitely starting to think that we’re going to struggle so much financially that it’ll be a miracle if we make it.

I’m trying really hard to stay focused though – I went through my admissions emails very carefully this morning because I haven’t received my invitation to Canvas or been added to Slack, so I wanted to check the wording to make sure I wasn’t being premature in sending an email to inquire about that.

Then I checked the pre-work for Unix and Git for Everyone to make sure I really and for truly am done with that (I am!) and then went back to the bootcamp page to check in with the pre-work there, and realized that I have already gone far past Chapters 1 & 2 in Perfect Workflow for Sublime Text 2. In fact, I was in Chapter 4 when I was talking about Emmet and Zen Coding. Haha, and apparently, I didn’t even have to do that part!

So, I kind of checked in more with where I am on the other stuff – I already did the first hour of 7 of the HTML & CSS tutorial on Codecademy, and more than an hour of 10 of the Javascript tutorial. The only thing left to do besides those is the Introduction to Algebra. I had originally assumed that I was supposed to do all THIS, but now I am wondering if I was really only supposed to literally do the Introduction to Algebra page. That doesn’t seem like enough?

I guess my plan at this point is to finish the tutorials on Codecademy, and then finish ALL the algebra anyway. And then finish Perfect Workflow just because. And then do the extra credit items on Console Foundations and Git Basics. And then finish reading JavaScript & jQuery and HTML & CSS. I’m already almost done with HTML & CSS anyway. And I mean, I *do* still have 6 weeks to go.

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