So close, and yet so far!

While I have been diligently plugging away at my pre-work these past few weeks, I’ve been eagerly awaiting an invitation to the courseware for the class. It came in yesterday, so, of course I jumped right on there to check it out. There’s already a page of assignments, which is mostly the pre-work, which I have done quite a bit of. Each assignment has its own page, on which you can submit the assignment, which subsequently shows up in the main list, and crosses off the assignment on the calendar, both of which are very satisfying to me.

It’s true – I’m that guy. I was the kid who always raised their hand in class, and always had their assignments and homework done ahead of time and asked for extra credit. Nothing has changed. I’m early for everything, I’ve got a notebook full of notes for everything, I make daily, weekly, monthly lists and I use Post-Its to excess for moment to moment notes.
When I was in the 4th grade, my mom got super pissed because she had to come to school to have a meeting with my teacher because I was in trouble for reading in class instead of doing schoolwork because I was already done with my classwork and my homework.

Hopefully, I won’t annoy my new classmates too much. I was also able to observe a list of people in the class – it looks like there are only 12 of us, which is a relief to me. I was worried that the class would be large and more chaotic. Also interesting is that it looks like there aren’t many women in the class. And by “not many” I mean – me, for sure. There is a person with a name that is unisex, although it typically leans towards female, so maybe one other. There is a third name that is exotic, so no idea. I believe all the other names seem to be male. Although it is always totally possible that there could be women in there with names that are traditionally male. I truly would be totally fine with being the only woman in the class if that turned out to be the case. While I fully support women in tech (or any industry, of course) I would not like being sort of automatically grouped with anyone else (or have them gravitate towards me) simply because we are both female. I actually am looking forward to working with more men, coming out of a work environment that is 5 – 2 female, and I don’t work with one of those guys much anyway.

Speaking of work, it’s still unusually slow, which continues to be interesting to me as such a natural phasing out phenomenon even though I have nothing to do with it. I only had one appointment today, which was great – I ticked off an assignment before work, another AT work (printing out my paperwork to sign and turn in) and have plenty of time this afternoon. Hopefully, I’ll finish the JavaScript course on Codecademy.

So while it seems like this time until class starts is taking forever, when I saw my assignments, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but only one day later, I’ve submitted half of them, another one is 2/3 done, one is the Git class I take on the 25th, and then there is only one more thing that is due before class starts. There are a few reading assignments due in the first few days of class that I plan to finish before the first day. I’ll gladly re-read them.

I feel good.

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