Now THIS is satisfying!

The first assignment on my list in my courseware is “Practice JavaScript” and then submit screenshots of each of the completed sections. Today, I realized that I should take this screenshot:

100% Completion of JavaScript at Codecademy

100% finished!

That feels good.

Also, I have officially finished all of the pre-work. 16 full days before the first day of class. That also feels good.
I’m going to read the chapters in JavaScript and jQuery, and just plan on reading them again.
I’m going to go back to Udacity and finish “How to use Git and GitHub”. Hopefully, that will be really useful in this coming week leading up to the “Unix and Git for Everyone”class.
If I have time, maybe I’ll start jQuery on Codecademy.


I also realized today that not only is tomorrow my last Saturday at work, but after that I only have 4 more work days total.



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