Well, that wasn’t stressful at all.

I just completed the assignment for the Unix & Git for Everyone Workshop (henceforth to be known as UGE) that I attended on Saturday. I wanted to write about the class as soon as I got home, but I was tired, and I wanted to complete the assignment first as well.

I waited until the quiet of this morning to do it, even though part of me said to do it as soon as I got home, so that it would be fresher in my mind. I don’t think it mattered in that respect at all – it might have been fresh, but I’ve always said everything works better in the morning (at the end of a long day.)

When it came time to get to work this morning, I started having a bit of a panic attack – what if I didn’t remember? What was I going to do if I couldn’t figure it out? And sure enough, I did NOT remember everything, and sure enough I *did* screw some things up. Ultimately though, (as far as I know, anyway) I figured it all out, “fixed” everything (again, I hope so – how would I know until my assignment is actually graded or whatever??), and got to the last step of the assignment. It’s 9:30 in the morning and I feel like I need a drink or something!

Why so much anxiety? Well…
The whole deal with GitHub is that everyone can see whatever it is you’ve done. So THAT’S kind of … I dunno, potentially totally fucking embarrassing? I mean, just looking at what I’ve done on there this year, beginning when I had zero clues about what I was doing, all I can think is “WTF, man…” My OCPD wants me to clean it up REAL BAD, but I don’t want to do that and end up finding out later that getting rid of stuff is even worse. I guess I could privatize everything that happened before say… June? I’ll have to make some inquiries.

Also, I have huge amounts of anxiety over working with files that other people are working with. I know perfectly well that the way GitHub works, it will be fine. But until I know for sure that it is fine, I will be stressed about having done something wrong, put something in the wrong place, etc. BARF.

Ha! I sound like such a baby! Anyway.

The actual workshop.
I got there at 10, having received a semi-confusing email that said to, even though that was in conflict with all the other info I’d received saying the class started at 9. I replied asking for clarification, and it turns out that you only needed to go at 9 if you still needed help/time to set up your computer. Cool. I got an extra hour.

I got a pretty good seat, right in the middle, and as it turns out, was sitting next to someone in my boot camp. I’m pretty sure that most of the people in our class were there somewhere – I met at least 4 of them, anyway.

UGE schedule.

Schedule for UGE Workshop.

The intro part was great, although I felt like things were rushed at the end, so that probably could have been pared down a bit. Navigating the filesystem was mostly review for me from all the tutorials I’ve been doing, so BAM. Next thing I knew it was lunch. They had to lock the classroom door as all the instructors went to have a meeting to co-ordinate for the after lunch portion, and if you left, you couldn’t get back in, as the outside door was locked too. So, I sat in some sort of “lounge” area downstairs and ate. There must have been 30 people in the class, and out of all of them, only one other guy opted to stay in there and eat lunch that he’d brought. Turns out he is in my class as well, so I talked to him a bit as I ate, then I went up & out for the last 20 minutes. I wanted to check out the only source of half-way reasonably priced food around, at the Bartell’s. They do have a surprisingly large number of things there, I’ll never starve, for sure. Everything is a little more marked up, for sure, though. I bought a beverage and some mints and went back out to the courtyard, where I met another of my classmates and chatted with her for a bit until we were let back in.

Side note – I was totally fine with what I had for lunch (small container of chicken salad, yogurt and some cherries) until I got home and had dinner, which was at about 7 by the time I’d taken the bus and stopped at the store. Did not need to eat my Kind bar that I’d also brought. So that is good news.

After lunch, we were still working on the Unix portion of the workshop, so, again, more review for me.

Another side note – they were really good about giving us a 5 minute break about every hour. This is also good news!

Then we got into Git. This was more review for me, BUT, it definitely added to and clarified what I’d learned already. For instance, the very first thing we covered, git init, was a command that I recall from other tutorials, BUT I do not believe that any of them had included any of the details that this workshop did (including where not to create a new repo!) and that theme continued throughout the afternoon. It is at this point that my note taking gets very scribbly (did I mention that I was pretty much the only one taking handwritten notes as well as typing them? This is a learning device that I never use, but as this is all so important to me, I have completely integrated it into my study methodology) and, unfortunately, incomplete. Fortunately, we have access to the slides from class, so I should probably review them as I finish typing the notes I took. Ha! Another thing to do! As if I needed another thing!

Git segued nicely into GitHub, except that a ton of people did not have ssh keys, so those of us who did had a “break” for a time while the others learned how to create and add theirs. And then suddenly they were done, and the rest went so fast that both my seatmate and I got confused for the first time that day, thinking we’d missed something (that I don’t think we did.) The last hour or so was fast and furious, and I wish there’d have been a way to have that time earlier in the day, as I’d gotten rather sleepy during the ssh key time period. I also wish we could have spent more time on Git and a LOT more time on GitHub. I mean, I feel like I get it now, it does actually fully make sense for the first time since I discovered it almost 6 months ago, but it would be nice to feel a lot more familiar with it.

I guess (I think) I made it through the assignment two full days later, so I guess I am familiar enough, and I know we’ll be using it so much in class that I’ll get all the practice I need then.

Class ended a little late, but not too bad – I think we were on the bus at around 5:30. It turns out that the person next to me also takes the 40. Not as far as me, but still, it was nice to have someone to walk to the bus stop with, and we had a chance to talk a bit.

We also stopped and talked to another classmate on the sidewalk outside after class. I feel pretty good about having had some time to talk to at least 4 people from class. They all seem nice, and I’m looking forward to working with them, and meeting the rest.

All the instructors are super nice, and very helpful. Bus ride home was very reasonable. I was super tired at the end of the day, even though I was sitting all day! Using brain = hard work! 😀 I’m so happy, though. I can’t believe at this time one week from RIGHT MEOW I’ll be sitting in the classroom, and every day thereafter. I am really looking forward to it. It seems completely surreal to me at this point that I still have two more days of work to deal with! And I’m sure way more phone calls, text messages and emails than I’d like after.


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