B33 – Day 1

9 am: History lesson!
In 1822, Charles Babbage invented The Difference Engine, the first mechanical computer, or automatic computing machine.
Babbage was assisted by Ada Lovelace (Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace – I know her!), the first programmer. She wrote algorithms for the Difference Engine.

Also, a bunch of stuff about navigating by the stars (latitude! longitude! and mnemonics) and math.

10 am (ish) Orientation/kickoff stuff – wifi pw, door codes, etc.

10:30 (ish) intros. I think staff intros were actually before the kickoff stuff, but it was fairly quick. Met instructors, TA’s, co-founder, admissions and social media – got a handout about blogging and tweeting. Duly noted!
Student intros – name, where you’re from, background, and something geeky about yourself (music geek, vinyl records.)

11 Break

11:15 Started working on first code exercise. Javascript basis/template for guessing game.

Noon: Lunch. inadvertently chose a bench outside in the courtyard that ended up being (literally) in the middle of an Amazon tour. Weird. Walked around a bit. Ran into a couple of classmates near the end, and went back into lab together.

Worked on code assignment – no real issues, but re-visited this morning’s “rubber ducky” discussion in the respect that we talked through the issues we were having. While I can’t say for sure that it made a difference (I’m sure I would have figured this out anyway, and in fact found a reference to the specific issue I was having in my notes from a GitHub tutorial) it was reassuring to dialog back and forth:
“Did you do this?”
“How about this?”
“And, this?”
Just hearing someone suggest the things I was doing (which ended up with me googling my error message to find that issue and how to correct it) made it feel like I wasn’t really just winging it.
Finished and submitted my first assignment – “Guessing Game“.

Finished fairly quickly, after working past  a “merge conflict issue” with GitHub. Submitted and checked in with instructor.
Looks like I’m leaving early, it’s only 1:55, and I’m approved to go home and read!

Overall, this was a really good day.
My bus ride was very reasonable, and in fact, today I think I will take a later bus. Yay!
I finished the reading assignment that was due yesterday at midnight and submitted that, as well as the one that I’d already finished, due this morning. I’ve also finished tomorrow’s, to submit tonight, and Thursday’s submitted a while ago (Thought it was due yesterday for some reason.) That leaves me with one chapter to read by Friday.

In addition to getting my assignments done and getting home early, I made dinner (with a bit of prep help), got the laundry done, and all the other usual stuff. A really busy, exhausting day, but really, REALLY good.

Also, I’m liking the classmates I’ve interacted with so far.

Not sure if I’ll have time to do this daily, or if it will be too boring to do daily – maybe weekly? We’ll see. I’ll be trying to stay on top of tweets, if nothing else.

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