B33 – Day 3

We started the day off with this:

There’s something a bit fun or silly each day, which is a great relief.

Sam started off by telling us that we’d be doing:
1) Code Review
2) ObjectFunctionPalooza
3) Go Over Today’s Lab

and then proceeded to inform us that this day was going to be the hardest day of this week.

Just that morning, I had been re-reading some of the “42 Year Old Coding Virgin” blog posts, and in Part Three, he talks about some people in his class dropping out, speculating that it may have had something to with the stacked module environment. I internally “Harumphed” to myself, because I *LOVE* stacked learning. I realize that it works better for some of us than others, but I also think it would work better for more people if it were more of a standard method that people were more accustomed to.

By that afternoon, as I was walking to the bus stop, I wondered if it had to do with sheer exhaustion. I am by no means considering leaving boot camp, nor would I. It is not my style. Not only am I way too stubborn, but I can’t imagine just abandoning even part of your tuition. Not to mention that I’ve learned in life that most things only seem terrible at the time. Some things actually are truly terrible in retrospect, but stuff like this? Usually once you get to the end, you realize that it was worth it, even if the activity is ultimately not for you.

It was only the end of Day 3, and even though I didn’t even really struggle today (and certainly didn’t feel like I had as much trouble as some may have, and was out of there before others, and a bit before 5 even – again!), I was exhausted. I had felt tired that morning, and even gotten myself a coffee at lunch, which is pretty much unheard of for me. When I got home, I felt like I could have gone to sleep on the spot. I did not. I cooked the food that my husband had picked up and prepped for us (things have yet to completely unravel here, but we are out of cat food, due to less than perfect planning on my part), and even got some of my reading done before we got ready for bed. Again, I thought I’d fall RIGHT to sleep, but I made it all the way to 9:30 again. Here I am up on time again (early this morning, really, my husband was up about 20 minutes early, so I was too) and today, right now I feel much less tired. Maybe because I know I am on the downhill side of the week?

After my “gitshow” Tuesday (Sam told us that is what B31 called it, but he’s aiming for “gituations” instead) I was relieved to see that we were starting off with further instruction on Git/GitHub. Sam drew us a fantastic diagram:

Git flow

Flow Chart for GitHub

I immediately was able to see where I’d initially gone wrong the day before. I took really good, detailed notes, and by lab that afternoon, I felt prepared.

I’d been assigned to be part of a group of three rather than having a single partner. We were told we’d have to work fast. Uh-oh.
Turns out I still had an unresolved gituation from the day before, in which the code in my repo was my partner’s refactored code. Shit. Asked Dale for help, and it was pretty easy to rectify since I still had the code locally. Then I got the code I’d be working on and the file structure was not what I expected, so back to Dale, who suggested I change it, push it, and do a pull request (PR.) Finally, I can get to work. Except now the other two people in my group are Driving and Navigating on one person’s code, so I can’t ask for Navigation to really get started. I’d looked at it, and made some notes about some seeming functionality, and began sketching out on paper how I’d construct a function out of what was there.

Finally, I was able to have a discussion about how the code worked, and was able to re-work it so that it worked properly. I constructed a function, and got one of three actions working. After a while, another, and then got stuck on the last thing. I had to wait a while again for someone to be available for me to ask, and that was the only time I got anxious, because it’s difficult for me to know I need to be doing something and not be able to. I definitely continued trying different things on my own until I could get someone’s attention.

Things went pretty smoothly after that. I had one small gitsue, that I created myself by not reading the instructions carefully enough. D’oh! Everything else seemed to go very smoothly, and I submitted my assignment and was on my way.

Overall, Day 3 was a great success and not nearly as rough as I’d feared!

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