B33 Day 4!

This was the best day!
While I *do* mean best day so far (of class, school, whatever), I also mean it was just one of those best days. In life. We all have them (I hope.)

I had about 36 pages of reading to do still for the assignment due the following morning – I read some of it at home before I left, but had enough left that I made the tough decision to pass on packing lunch so I’d have more room and less weight to take my book to school. Took a chance on a Bartell’s sandwich on the way in. It was fine, although probably not my first choice!

Between reading on the bus, before class and at the beginning of lunch, I managed to knock it back to 6 pages that I finished in short order at home after dinner. I’m not going to try to convince you that I “get” manipulating the DOM, but at this point, I feel confident that I will soon enough.

We reviewed some code in the morning, and went over submission comments, and I was surprised to see that both a comment and a question of mine were in there, consecutively, but separately. I am not only feeling like I am retaining more in class and from the reading, but also that my comments and questions are improving.

Best of all – Today was HTML Day! I figured that it was, based on the reading, but I try not to make assumptions. Sam even said that this day would be easier, but for me, moving to something that I am familiar with? Sweet.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with HTML much at all, as I usually take the shortcut of using WordPress for blogging, and even for the business sites I’ve had in the past several years. HTML5 is definitely different from HTML4, and it’s not like I remember everything!

By lunch, I had knocked out a basic template that I wrapped around my script real quick, just to have a good starting point for afternoon lab.

Had some more (can you believe that?) lingering gituations to address right off, but then I was on my way. This *was* kind of an easy assignment for me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t wrestle with a few things – because I don’t really have my images organized in a way that I would have in the past (thanks to not really using them for websites anymore and all this new-fangled photo sharing stuff – okay, you know it’s true that I love it) it took me a bit to track down a couple of images that I wanted to jam into a quickie banner. I need to further explore both Google Photos and Instagram to make sure there really isn’t a better way to search your own photos before I start complaining, but both seem lacking in that fashion. Yeah, I could have searched IG by tags, but who knows what I would have tagged something from 4 years ago? And no, I don’t have any descriptions on my thousands of Google photos. They auto upload and I don’t have time to go in there and put something for each one.

Anyway, then there’s the fact that I don’t have Photoshop installed on my Air. I also don’t have a subscription to the online service – I do need to investigate whether I think that is sufficient or if I’m going to end up buying a new copy sometime in the next year. The online Pixlr editor I use is fine, but I could only spend so much time looking for “stroke” before I did a quick & dirty workaround. I didn’t really process those images at all, either. They have IG filters, and we haven’t actually covered images in class yet, so I let it go.

I added all my basic tags, and then expanded a bit with some stuff from Chapters 6-9. Mostly comments, and then an email form. I could have thrown a table in there to improve the layout, but we’re not supposed to be suing CSS yet, and I couldn’t bear the thought of a crappy looking unstyled table.

Biggest change in HTML5 – and this drove me nuts because we’re not supposed to use CSS – is that there’s no more text tags to style. No font:face, size, color, etc. GAH. Times New Roman, noooooooo!

I was able to finish up in a couple of hours. I could have done a LOT more, but used restraint to stick within the parameters of the assignment, and intentionally left out things that I wouldn’t be able to style (like tables) because I’d rather just wait to add that until I can make it look decent.

More gitsues at the end, merge conflicts be damned! Sam happened to be right there though, and walked me through fixing it all pretty darn quickly. I volunteered to do an interview about potential changes at CF with Alex, and I was still out of there by about 3:45, I think.

And then, only a bit of reading and submit that assignment and no reading today! WOOHOO!

I have no idea what we’ll be doing today – more HTML stuff? I wonder if we’ll be working on a partner’s HTML? :0


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