B33 Day 5 + Week 1 Summary

Friday (Day 5) was pretty low-key. No code review, no comment review, just going over the reading topic and adding a DOM manipulation. That worked well, as I didn’t really get it after doing the reading, but it made more sense after going over it in class. Afternoon lab was a success, because I only had a couple of gitsues which were really non-issues, and only actually needed help with my code once – I worked through the rest of it on my own. Still finished before 5.

Week One Summary

I am tired as hell. Even after a “whole weekend” off that included 9 hours of sleep two nights in a row, I’m still tired.

That said, I feel like this weekend went really well, from a getting things done perspective, although things could have gone better. There were a few more things I’d have liked to have gotten done. The frustrating part is that could have easily been achieved if I had done things the way I wanted to. However, there are always other people involved, so that is something that is probably just never going to work out.

I’d do it differently this coming weekend if I could, but I’m afraid things will actually be worse due to social obligations we have. All I can do at this point is plan carefully and try to get ahead of the game.

Overall, Week One was great. I LEARNED A TON.
I like everyone at school, I like the change of pace (despite being tired), I like the schedule. I don’t feel like I went through a weird adjustment period at all. I felt like the transition was really natural, and I did not feel out of place or out of sorts at all. I don’t feel like I “don’t belong” or I’m doing it wrong (no Imposter Syndrome here!)

In fact, I feel pretty good about it all. While I certainly don’t think that I’m a genius or a coding savant, or like I’m the “top student” in class, I feel like I am exactly where I want to be. I am getting things done on time, and staying ahead of the game. I feel like I “get” things just about as much as anyone.

I’m sure there is plenty more to say – I know I had more thoughts at one point in time, but maybe that’s for another post. For now, I’m just going to work on staying on top of things, and see how it goes. This week may be quieter, I may just do a week two summary at the end. We’ll see.

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