B33 – Week 2 Summary

Holy shit, it’s halfway over already. Kind of unbelievable.

This week started out kind of rough, and stayed kind of rough (although it did get better.)
Monday 8.10.15
We started the week off with domain modeling. I got off to a flying start and was probably really actually ahead of  the game as of 2pm Monday. Then I got stuck, and even though I was close (so close!) I didn’t end up finishing my assignment that day or turning it in on time.
Tuesday 8.11.15
I got most of the modeling figured out by lunch (except for, as I later figured out, a total that wasn’t calculating properly) and moved on to events. That wasn’t any less of a hassle than Monday’s assignment, and again, ended up turning this one in late.
Wednesday 8.12.15
Had to spend some of my afternoon lab working on Tuesday’s assignment, but fortunately we moved on to CSS today, so I had caught back up by the end of the day, turning my assignment in on time.
Thursday 8.13.15
Today was layout day, which was just as fine with me as CSS day was. I like all the front-end stuff. I actually had that epiphany on this day, that as much as it would probably be a great idea in theory to do the full stack, I’m never going to want to work on the back-end. Began considering the idea of just doing the Front End DA instead of the Full Stack in October.
While Monday and Tuesday were rough because I was learning totally new things, and by this day we’d moved on to stuff that was somewhat familiar to me, this day actually ended up being a bit rough as well, as it became woefully apparent just how bad my gitsues were. Although I’d proceeded with great caution, I still ended up with merge conflicts, which, when I tried to resolve them broke my code so badly that I had to re-do it to turn it in.
I realized that I probably had a “workflow issue” and did not touch my code that night for fear of causing another one. That was frustrating.
Friday 8.14.15
Fortunately, Sam is just about the coolest guy ever, and spent some time before morning class, and even more at lunch working all this stuff out with me.
It was also this morning before I got to school, that I suddenly had a panic attack about being able to go straight from boot camp to a DA, having learned that it isn’t that common for people to do so.
After we fixed my gitsues, and had a good talk about what was up with my workflow (basically, we are teaching an old dog new tricks here, and habits are hard to break), I asked about going straight into a DA and was relieved to be reassured that it would likely be do-able for me. I felt really good after this conversation, and proceeded to have a good afternoon. (At least until I got home and found out that our dog had gotten frightened during the thunderstorm and had made a grand escape from the house to find her person, my husband, who wasn’t home – at this writing she has yet to be found.)

I had my ups and downs this week, and actually had some dodgy moments. Fortunately, none of them lasted long, and overall, I feel better about boot camp this week than I have yet. I can only hope that the next two weeks go as well.
And that we find the damn dog. (Don’t worry, she has a microchip, and we’ve called all the appropriate places, posted on social media and with lost dog places, etc. I’m pretty sure that someone has her. Problem being that maybe that person wants to keep her.)

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