B33 – Week Three Summary

ETA: I got some questions about our lost dog situation that I wrote about below, under Thursday.
Here is a link to our lost dog’s website. Help Find Sasha!
Thanks for caring 🙂

This was one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Not so much because of boot camp – that actually went pretty well.

This day was kind of long, but I’d successfully finished my assignment by the end of the day (or maybe this was another one that ran over to the next day, but I wasn’t stressed out about it.)
This was also the day that I got confirmation that if I wanted to take a Front End DA, I could apply immediately, do a code challenge this week/weekend, the rest next week and start two days after boot camp was over – or I could wait until April. Well, waiting until April doesn’t really seem like a viable option, so I applied Monday night.

Got my code challenge this morning, didn’t really have time to look at it. This was a busy day, but again, not too stressful and I was done with my assignment and on my way home by 5, I think.

Today we worked on Ajax. I pretty much breezed through that, and backtracked to getting a chart working on my site. Still got my assignment turned in and was out of there on time.
Finally kind of had a chance to really look at code challenge for Front End DA. Had a small heart attack.

Discovered that Ajax wasn’t really a breeze after all, and that I had fooled myself into thinking it was working when it wasn’t. Fortunately, adding an HTTP file server with Node.js really IS a breeze, so I was able to spend the whole afternoon working on fixing my Ajax stuff, which was a bummer because I really wanted to spend my afternoon working on code challenge. Got home late, so did my husband, and I pretty much had a nervous breakdown. Scratch that – we BOTH pretty much had a nervous breakdown.

To add to the stress of boot camp and doing a code challenge for a DA that starts in less than two weeks, our dog is still missing. At this point, we’re actually pretty she’s more or less stolen. Not that someone took her from our house, but after she ran off during the thunderstorm, someone must have found her and is keeping her, rather than doing the right thing and taking her to the shelter or having her scanned for a chip, or putting a Found Dog ad on Craigslist.
I think this would be stressful for most people, but my husband is really bonded with that dog, so it’s extra stressful. Now we’ve reached the point of having to spend a lot of time making new interactive flyers that link to a website with all the information about the situation and a pretty big photo gallery and an interactive Google map showing all the places people have reported seeing a dog that might be her, paying for an in the Seattle Times, offering a reward, etc. Not only is it very emotional, it’s very time-consuming and we’re spending money that we don’t really have to spare.
I’m really hoping for another thunderstorm so that the dog will freak out and (hopefully) bust out of the house where she is (presumably) being kept, and (hopefully) return home (or at least get picked up by the shelter or someone who isn’t a terrible person.)

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten shingles yet.

Was a better day. Although I had some weird port conflict while trying to deploy to Heroku (which we discussed in class so everyone got to witness it, yaaaaaaay), once that was resolved, that was pretty much a breeze as well.
We split into teams for project week – I had proactively spoken to Sam about this, and pre-solicited some people for my team. That seems to be turning out well so far – everyone has taken off with their responsibilities and seems very self-managing. We went on a little “field trip” after lunch, as our project is neighborhood centric. That was kind of fun.
I got home at a reasonable time, and finished one the  challenges.

Did some more tests on the challenge before moving onto the next one. Satisfied that it really did work, I then realized that I need to set up a file structure to put this whole thing on github. Put the first part on github and realized that my .gitignore hadn’t worked. Removed the whole thing, started over, this time it worked. Yaaaaaaaay.
It should be noted at this time that THAT was the only git issue I had all week. Worked on the next challenge. Didn’t get very far. Stared at it. Worked until 8:30 that night.

Tried to work on the challenge from the day before some more. Got stuck some more, realized that I needed to move on, push it to GitHub, started on the next one. Got a bit of framework built, sat there and stared at it.
Took a break to do my wire frame for project week. That went well, anyway. I’m happy with the result.
Went back to the last challenge. Stared at it. Got a helpful hint followed by a decent period of peace and quiet, in which I hashed out what feels like a decent framework.

At this point I had hoped to have all 3 parts of the code challenge done and submitted. One part is done. One part is maybe 65% of the way done? Last part is maybe 35%. (I don’t know where I’m getting these numbers, I’m really just spitting them out.)

I really don’t want to have to work on this at all during project week. I’m not sure what’s going to happen at this point. I’m struggling with the idea of going into a new class right after this one. I like to be more prepared than that. But I can’t wait until April and I don’t feel like there are any other realistic options. Also, I heard that the instructor for this class is great, and while I’m sure the next one will be too, I’d obviously rather be with someone who has been doing this a while and comes recommended.

If I could tell anyone going into this kind of situation anything, it would be:

I prepared myself for the idea that every day life was going to fall apart. That the dishes and the laundry weren’t going to get done, the bathroom wouldn’t get clean, the cupboards would be bare.

What I did NOT prepare myself for was the idea that something unexpected was going to happen. I figured it was going to be business as usual, except that I’d have less time to get things done for a while. I wasn’t expecting a lost dog bombshell, or a push to get into a DA in less than two weeks.

I hope those kinds of things don’t happen to anyone else, but if you’re thinking about doing something like this, you should expect the unexpected. There isn’t really a way to prepare for it, but in retrospect, I should have at least expected it.

Also, if you’re going into a program like this and there’s pre-work? Do the pre-work. I did, and it was well worth every minute of my spare time that it took up before I started boot camp.


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