Sometimes you just gotta say WTF.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who complain about how Google “stalks” them by storing their browsing data. We all know that browsers use cookies to store information, most of which is to our benefit (I love not having to enter my password every single time for things that aren’t financial or otherwise sensitive), but Google does it a little more obviously, by serving you ads based on what you search for (what most people notice) and by serving you improved search results (what *I* notice!)

So while everybody else is busy complaining about how “creepy” and “annoying” it is that Google is showing them ads based on what it guesses to be their interests (and it doesn’t do a bad job if you ask me), I am appreciating the fact that the results that I am getting for pretty much the same search terms today are much better than they were 3 weeks ago. Maybe I’m naïve, and maybe I am just imagining it, but I swear, the first 10 times I searched over the course of a couple of weeks of for something to help me do my code challenge, I got nothing. Or, at least I got results that would probably make sense to a senior developer, but to someone like me, who had just realized that “Hey! We did not cover this in class!” and SHIT, it also isn’t something I can easily reference in my Javascript & jQuery book, it was like getting results in Latin when I’m looking for French.

I had hoped to find something about using a modular approach in Eloquent Javascript, but again, what I found wasn’t really working for me. I’d ordered Javascript: The Good Parts in anticipation of taking a Development Accelerator and while I like it a lot (so far) I didn’t really get what I need to finish the damn challenge for the Accelerator. (I feel like I’m going in circles, already trying to prepare for a class I haven’t even gotten into while using the reading for that class to research the challenge I need to do to get into it.)

FINALLY – today I got some different results when I searched for … something, I don’t know what exact terms I used, but some variation of the ones I’ve been using because I don’t know how to ask for what I’m looking for other than by using those terms! And one good result led to another good result and another, and now I feel like not only am I making some progress, but I’m actually starting to comprehend what I’m learning.

And while I could probably keep researching and refactoring the code for the challenge (I think I’ve scrapped it completely and started over 4 times now) I’d really like to get it done today, and just turn it in. I am the kind of person who will stress out and worry about whether it something is “right” or not, even if I know there is no one “right” way to do it, so sometimes I get to the point where I have to tell myself to just say what the fuck and (in this case, anyway) turn it in already.

I am hoping to do just that today. Or at least be finished with this part and do a couple of more things to one other part. I just needed to take a break and get this off my chest. I guess I’ve only been working on this challenge for 3 weeks, but it feels like forever, but I feel like I’m taking way too much time. I had really thought I was going to get it done in less than a week (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!)

The important this is: I’ve learned stuff. I probably could have gotten it done in less than a week (and I know now that it probably would have been WRONG) or finished it a week after that, and maybe it would have been just good enough to get me in, but I doubt I’d have learned anything.

One more thing worth noting at this point: It’s interesting how I can circle around a subject and get a glimpse of how it works for ages, then suddenly one day it all comes together. BOOM.

ETA: Well, that’s it. I did it. For better or for worse, I decided that I was about as done with Code Challenge as I’m going to be, and I submitted links to my 3 repos. At this point, some people would pray, or at least cross their fingers and hope for the best.
Like I said earlier, I learned a lot doing this challenge. If what I submitted isn’t enough? I wouldn’t want to get in by “luck”. I can’t imagine what it would be like to get into that class by accident.

I just wanted to take the time now to add a few links that (I think!) helped me today.
Mastering the Module Pattern was the first article I found that made me go “A-Ha!”, and I went back to it over and again as I walked back and forth through this last challenge.
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns was also super helpful.
I gotta say though, Node.js Module Patterns Using Simple Examples is the bomb. It’s easy to understand, funny, and the design for this website is GREAT.

Hopefully, I learned what I needed to today, and I won’t be laughing at some later date when I find out I somehow completely misinterpreted what I was supposed to be doing. Hopefully, I won’t need to do it all over again. Hopefully, the last 3 weeks were worth my while.

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