Like a fish in water.

Every day, I work on self study and pre-work for the JSDA. I read Eloquent Javascript while re-working a code challenge in the morning, and do Treehouse tutorials in the afternoon, with additional reading and coding practice in between and when I can. While I am busy all the time, this past week has felt peaceful, despite the fact that things just never go completely smoothly.

This last week our clothes dryer quit working, so working on code with laundry hanging all around me (my office is pretty much the only practical place to do that) was … interesting. And buying a new dryer was another hit on our already slender budget.

If only the dryer had waited JUST a bit longer. My son is moving out of the house into a house with friends, on his own for the first time, next week. At that point, I’ll be moving my office upstairs to his much larger bedroom, which (hopefully) will remain unsullied by drying laundry, items that need to go to the Goodwill and other things that get stashed in my current downstairs office due to it’s proximity to our primary living areas. I’m pretty sure that the reason that most of this stuff is getting stored downstairs instead of upstairs (even if that’s where it belongs) is as simple as: who wants to haul it all upstairs? Which are the magic words that should keep my new space from becoming cluttered with things which do not belong in an office. And perhaps it will be a little more peaceful up there.

OTOH, I’m kind of glad the damn thing broke when it did, as it caused a bit of extra work for me (ok, kind of a lot, really) and this is still the calm before the storm, as the next boot camp starts next week, and I am going to be one of the TAs for it! WOOHOO!

So, while I don’t think that being a TA will be as crazy as even taking the boot camp was (much less taking a DA), I will be out of the house each day again, and not home until at least 6 pm, I’d imagine. So far, I haven’t had to do much (although I will need to refresh/re-read the reading assignments to be familiar with the material), but starting Monday, I’ll be helping students in the afternoon labs and grading assignments. I only have to be there for the lab beginning at 1 pm each day, but I plan on being there by 9 each morning anyway. It certainly can’t hurt to sit in on am class to make sure I know what’s going on that day, and hopefully, reinforce what I already learned. I imagine I will be able to continue working on my self-study and pre-work during that time. I could do that here at home, but taking the bus at 7:30 in the morning is actually a lot quicker, easier and more reliable than at other times of day, and I might as well have this time to transition back into a routine that I’m going to (hopefully!!) have again FOR REAL at the end of October (and that is when things would get real crazy.)

I am almost as excited to be a TA than I was to be a student of the boot camp. The boot camp was a great experience, and I’m interested in re-experiencing it as a “fish in water” (as opposed to the feeling of being a fish out of water, being in an unfamiliar place, not knowing what to expect, etc.), and I will be looking to pick up on things that I may have missed the first time around due to being a bit overwhelmed. Additionally, it is my understanding that the course will be a bit different, and may in fact use different projects, so I am hoping there will actually be some new things in there as well. And believe it or not, I’m really looking forward to helping other students. Boot camp WAS an overwhelming experience, and the idea that I might be able to help others feel a bit more comfortable, (just like the TAs for our class did) having been through it, is pretty cool.

And as much as I like being at home, and being able to sleep in a bit more and get my own household stuff done, I miss my Code Fellows routine. I miss walking through downtown (and now it’s FALL!!) and I miss SLU, and I miss seeing all the people at school and the instructors and other TAs and all the people I met there and talked to all the time. I won’t miss the crazy bus ride home in the evening, or trying to figure out how to make our evening work efficiently when my husband goes to bed by about 8 every night, but we did okay in August, and I’m sure we’ll do even better this time.

It’s an exciting time.

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