Objects, functions & methods, OH MY

One of the other TAs said to me last week that he does not know how I find the time to write blog posts. My answer was honest – that I do not really have time, but that sometimes I have to make time to get this shit out of my head because it gets in the way of getting anything done. That was absolutely true. BUT. Sometimes there are other things that block my progress. Right this second it’s football.

I’ve been home for almost two hours and while I had hoped to read several chapters of Eloquent JS, so far I’ve made it through ONE. Even though my husband made dinner tonight, even just getting into the house was a challenge, thanks to a wildly jumping, peeing dog (NOT.OURS.) and much barking and other assorted chaos. Insert the yelling, frenzied fans in our living room and I am just effing lucky that that ONE chapter I’ve been able to read so far was on Objects, which, interestingly enough, is the current subject of the 201 I’m TAing.

I feel like it is relevant at this time to point out that I love this job. Being a TA is a fantastic experience. I was super nervous about being able to answer questions effectively, and while I cannot easily/readily answer them all, I haven’t had any truly embarrassing moments in which I should have been able to answer something easily and could not.

I am learning SO.MUCH. from helping other people and especially from observing my fellow TAs in action. Those guys are just amazing. I am so fortunate to be able to work with them, and I only hope that I don’t try their patience too much.

Unfortunately (only for me) I got sick over the weekend and didn’t get as much reading done as I wanted (hence the struggling to try to read in this chaos.) My interview for the JSDA is Wednesday, and I really want to be prepared for it.

There’s so much more that I could say about the last week+, but even I can’t find time to do it right now. I hope I can find it at some point, because I will want to remember what these past many days have been like. I know it’s been great, if busy, and seemingly almost impossible at times.

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