In 6 days, I will disappear for 8 weeks.

Over the weekend, I worked on my code challenge and finally got it working to my satisfaction.
I had a meeting at 4:45 yesterday to review my re-submission.
LSS: I am approved to take the Full Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator that begins on Monday, as I had been hoping all along.

I am considering this my early Christmas present to myself, as the class ends just a few days before Christmas.

I still have some reading pre-work to do, and (SURPRISE!) I’m still supposed to work on that library model in this last week before class starts, but I feel like this is my last few days of “normal”. I have a dentist appointment this morning, and I’d like to make a few other appointments (acupuncture, etc) for over the next few days. I had a few minutes before I had to leave this morning after doing some financial mop-up that definitely needed to happen before I am pre-occupied for two months straight, so I thought this one last blog post was probably in order.

Eight weeks is a long time, and I know it’s going to be a really difficult time, for me, and for my family.
But I am already reminding myself (and my husband!) that it is only 8 weeks.
Even just yesterday, it seemed like it might be forever before I got to my “end point”, but now it feels like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was thinking about how it feels like it’s been such a long journey, even though I really only just started school  three short months ago, but really for ME, this journey began back in February, with the realization that I needed to make a change, followed almost immediately by my discovery of Ada and my application to there. So really, it’s been almost a year.

In retrospect: so glad Ada did not work out. I am now officially still ahead of that by several months (if I’d have started there in May of this year, I wouldn’t be done with my internship until May of 2016.) I’ve had time to do self study, I’ve made a lot of friends and connections. I feel super comfortable where I am.

And right there is the heart of it. I may not be a coding savant, or have as much background as a lot of people who take this Development Accelerator,  but after considering the option of doing a couple of more months of self study while TAing, I realized that now is the time.

One of the reasons I’m really excited to take this particular iteration of this class is that I will know at least a couple of people in it. One was a TA for the boot camp I was in, and is one of my fellow TAs for the 201 now. We get along, and I’m sure he’ll know more people in the class/about the class. There is another person who was in the boot camp before me who I followed on Twitter, and who I’ve talked to a bit. I know some of the people who were in my boot camp are applying as well.

And there are other TAs around, and I’m sure a lot of the current 201 students will be around and will be in the 301 that starts in a month. Basically, lots of friends and familiar faces. Another person I know who took the boot camp before me, is taking the UI/UX immersive at GA beginning in November as well.

So I feel like I am in this comfort bubble right now, that would pop if I waited. There’s also the fact that I was determined to do this and to do it on this schedule, so now it already feels like a win. If I’d have waited, I’d have felt demoralized, and like it was just one more time in which I’d been held back.

Let’s face it. I am stubborn. I am a planner. I do best with a challenge. It’s been a long time since I was faced with something seemingly insurmountable. I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t handle. And one thing I do really well is make observations, and accurately assess that the correct set of conditions are in place.

Let’s do this.

See you at Christmas!

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