Efficiency vs. Inefficiency

I cannot possibly stress enough how much I loathe inefficiency. With the fiery passion of a billion suns doesn’t even come close.

So when I go to pay my credit card bill and I enter my login name and click the login button and I get booted to an “identify yourself” page which dictates that I have to get up, go find my credit card so that I can enter the number, all because the website thinks that I was trying to figure out what my online id was (I WAS NOT, I was simply trying to login, and had expected the enter password field to pop up next) I lose my mind.

And then when I get my confirmation email for my payment, and see that for some reason when I selected “other” for my payment amount and entered “100.00” the website decided that what I really meant was “pay the minimum of 32.00”, you may as well just get out the white coat and put me in the wagon and ship me off to the looney bin.

Whenever anything that should take 2 minutes ends up taking me 10, I lose my faith in humanity a little bit.
I go insane every time someone asks me “what I do with all my time off”. Are you kidding? I feel like everything takes 80% longer than I should, and I constantly have to do re-do things for reasons like the examples listed above.

So as much as I’d like to answer the question “Why do you want to become a programmer?” with something super altruistic like feeding the hungry, or helping to cure cancer, what I really want to do is make life easier for myself and people like me – People who just do not have all the time in the world to screw around with shit that doesn’t work, at least not the way it is supposed to.

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