Making every day life easier for every day people

That last post may have been a bit of a rant, but I find myself again today experiencing frustration over things that *should* work, yet for no apparent reason whatsoever, do not.
For reasons that I will detail below, I decided to do a bit of online “window shopping” to get some ideas for updating my wardrobe. I have plenty of casual clothes, but would like to build a bit of a more professional wardrobe, so I began at Nordstrom. My method for window shopping is to drop items that I want to think about more into a wish list or cart, so I can view all of my selections on one page and make better decisions about what I might actually want to buy. Today, neither the wish list or shopping cart is working. I can click those little buttons all I want, to no avail. I dumped some old wish list items, jic, and made sure I was logged in to my account, but still nothing.

So, being able to effectively shop at Nordstrom may not be life changing, or globally beneficial, but it is something that people like myself do, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to.
I guess my mission statement is to “make every day life easier for every day people”.

I thought I should start thinking about updating my wardrobe not only because at some point in the nearer than far future I may want something nice to wear to interviews/work, etc. but because I may want something to wear to events that I attend in between now and then.

It’s actually been kind of an exciting weekend for me. When I received the email from Ada informing me that I had not been chosen to proceed, it included the detail that they would have a one day event in April that applicants could attend, so I’ve kind of been waiting for an email on that. It arrived on Friday. I think I RSVP’d within 4 minutes of receiving it, so I got one of the 24 open spots for that. I’m sure casual wear will be appropriate for that, but I also decided that I am going to attend the Act-W conference in May. I’d received an invitation through Women Who Code a while ago, but was on the fence due to the fact that it is all day Saturday, and I’m taking the following Saturday off to attend Sasquatch, and taking off 2 in a row can be a hassle. I decided that if I’m committing to this change, I need to be all in and it sounds like a good event for me. We’ll see. It does seem, though, like the type of event that I would like to look nice-ish at. While I realize that it is lightning talks and workshops on a Saturday, it also sounds like a networking opportunity and I’d like to wear something that would present me in a positive and memorable way.
So, a challenge, really.

Back to the Ada Spring Workshop – it is the day after I was planning on attending an info session at Code Fellows. Ada strongly recommends attending an “installfest” the evening before the workshop, so it looks like I’ll be doing that at 5, and then as soon as I finish, heading over to Code Fellows, hopefully by 7. The installations are only supposed to take about an hour, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have already installed most (if not all) of the things I would need, so I hope that I can get in and out quickly.

I can be a very “all or nothing” type of person. I feel like I work best when I am working on multiple things in parallel and doing all the things. For instance, when I made myself the ambitious schedule that includes getting up at 4 am, and putting myself on a schedule that should be similar to a code school schedule and scheduling a workout before that part of my day starts – I did it like that, everything all at once, because I feel most focused that way.

So having more opportunities all at once feels good to me. Ada, Code Fellows, Ada. Back to back experiences there. And the conference soon after. Sometimes I worry about overdoing it and loading myself up with too many things, but it usually seems to work out better for me that way.

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