New books are ALWAYS exciting!

I feel like I’m having a successful week so far – I began my new schedule yesterday, and getting up at 4 am isn’t so tough. And I am getting a lot more done.

Yesterday, I finished 5 more Ruby lessons easily, while multi-tasking some other things.
I’ve been working on The Odin Project in my “spare” time (mostly in the evenings when other people are home and my concentration level is not as acute), and yesterday I came to the point at which the assignment was to complete the Codecademy HTML/CSS track. As this is on my list of things to do as “pre-work” anyway, I began that and discovered that it is pretty easy, fairly similar to General Assembly’s Dash that I was able to complete pretty quickly.
So I breezed through the HTML Basics there in less than an hour. It says the whole thing will take 7, so I hope to finish that by a week from now, along with Learn Ruby the Hard Way, which seems reasonable at 5 lessons per day.

I also received a couple of books that I ordered, based on the pre-work for Code Fellows – HTML & CSS is a pretty easy read so far, so I am making good progress on that already,  and JavaScript & JQuery seems like it will similarly be fairly easy to get through in a timely fashion. The format for these books is really excellent. The presentation is slick, but the layout is very practical and logical. I wish I’d had something like these years ago.
Although I’ve been using HTML5 and CSS3, it’s really interesting to read about and have clearly outlined the new features in each from earlier versions.

I will likely have a slightly less productive day today, as I have a mid-day appointment and some unexpected errands, but I hope to finish a few more things before leaving, and get some quiet time this evening, even after others have arrived home for the day.

I am SO looking forward to the Ada workshop next week. I don’t feel like I can effectively express my thoughts on that.

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