Last hurrah (not coding related)

This next two weeks will be super busy for me – I have the Ada Installfest and Code Fellows Info Session on Thursday evening, and the Spring Workshop on Friday, and I’ll be trying to cram in as much learning as I can before now and then.

The following week I take a break – this past Saturday morning, I spontaneously decided to go to NYC for 5 days next week. I’ll be back Saturday evening, have Sunday to (hopefully) get back into the swing of things, and then back to work on Monday, May 4th.

Is that crazy? The first time I went to NYC less than a year ago (this will be my third trip!) it took me about a month to decide to do it 3 months in advance. This time it took less than an hour for a trip that would happen in less than 10 days.

A little over a year ago, in January of last year, a friend of mine moved there for work, so that is why I’ve been each time, basically. I don’t think I’d ever have gone on my own if I didn’t know someone there who was super gung ho about having visitors, and I was nervous about booking that first trip.

When I was younger, NYC was dirty and dangerous, and all I’d ever heard beyond that was how expensive it was. Now that they’ve cleaned things up, that has changed completely (and seriously, I feel safer just about anywhere in Manhattan than I do in my own neighborhood here at home) and Seattle is so expensive now, that I don’t feel like I spend any more money in 5 days in NYC than I would here at home, assuming you disregard the fact that I don’t really usually eat out 3+ times a day here at home, or go to the bar every day (or multiple bars!) or anything like that.

I loved my first trip SO MUCH that my husband and I started planning the next trip, for both of us, for just a few months later. He loved it so much, he was the one who said I should go this time. I woke up on Saturday morning and he came out of the shower and said “You know what I think you should do?” and when I asked “What?” he said “You should go to New York one last time and help our friend move.”

Whhhattttt? So crazy. But that is what is happening. It will likely be more fun having than helping move, but I’ll do whatever I can to help her. I’ll be there for her last 5 days there. We’re spending the last two days in an AirBNB, and flying home together.

So excited!

So, obviously, I won’t be getting any of my tutorials done, but it will probably be good to get a break after this week. And I’ll be on the same schedule out there, since it is 3 hours earlier!

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