Installations, gems and Git (oh my.)

At this point, I’ve pretty much finished Learn Ruby the Hard Way, with the exception that I’m still getting an error any time I try to run anything with a require.
I looked into the issue (as I always get the same error, and it is not a syntax error) and discovered that it is possible that the issue has something to do with the version of Ruby (2.2.1, I think.)
Update: It turns out the this was a gem issue – for some reason a gem was not installed, and as soon as it was, this was no longer an issue.

As tempted as I was to try to fix this issue, I have decided to wait until after the installfest (tonight) and Spring Workshop (tomorrow.) In the meantime, I went through Code School’s Try Git course, and then began Udacity’s How to Use Git and Git Hub. I haven’t gotten super far on that yet.

Yesterday, I got an email from Ada about the Installfest, which included the Self Install instructions. As I suspected that I had already installed most, if not all, of the required items, I began looking through the instructions to get an idea of where I was. There *is* quite a lot, so after skimming it and realizing that it was hard to tell “where I was”, I began going through step by step. I really had already done QUITE a lot, and I got sucked in and ended up doing the entire thing, which was not that difficult or time-consuming.
In the end, I had one issue, that I was unable to get the heroku site to open for some reason.
I initially figured I’d just take it as it was (can you see where this is going already?) and get help figuring out my error there. But of course this morning I decided I’d just take another look. Then I decided I’d delete and start over. And that time, I was bouncing back and forth trying to piece the error together, and not being able to.
I almost stopped and just left it alone AGAIN.
Then I took a break, came back and deleted the railsbridge and everything in it, closed all my programs, cleared my history, closed my browsers, and restarted my computer. Went back to the very beginning and did all the verification and everything up to the point where you begin creating the application, to make sure all that was still working correctly. It was. Re-created the application (and FTR, I’m pretty sure I know what dumbdumb stupid thing I missed the first time :D) and BOOM. That shit works just dandy now.

I am super glad that I did that. I love figuring it out myself, AND I feel much more familiar with all the tools now.

So I’m off to finish getting ready to go, we’re having a super early dinner before I leave at 4. I’m going to take an Uber down today, and then Uber over to Code Fellows for the info session, and then Uber back home, of course.

Tomorrow, I’ll take the bus, which, as it turns out, is incredibly easy. I can take the bus that runs closest to the house almost right there and it’s only supposed to take about 30 minutes. I plan to be about 40 minutes early. If I need to go to a coffee shop, fine.

I’m really looking forward to all of this! I love information, and education, and again, so pleased that I figured out all the install stuff myself.

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