Prep for Ada Workshop, Code Fellows Info Session

Last night was good – traffic was terrible, so I got to Moz at about 5:20, after literally sitting in an Uber for an hour, and then getting out and walking the last…1/4 to 1/2 mile? It didn’t matter though – the installfest was during a window from 5-9 (although one person had been there since 4, I guess she came early as she had been made aware that it might take longer on her older laptop that couldn’t run an OS newer than Snow Leopard) and a couple of people showed up after me, and I really and truly was already done.

It seemed like some people were having hard time getting onto the wifi, but I had no problem, and was on it right away. I had thought the installations would be a bit more “led”, but it was really – come in and open up the self install instructions we sent you, and get to it. So, I caught someone’s eye, and let her know what was up, and she indicated that was great. She was looking over my shoulder at my open windows and said, yeah, it looks good, but didn’t actually run me through any sort of verification.

I felt a bit awkward just getting up and leaving, so I did ask about my Ruby issue in which I couldn’t get my rake test working, and explained when it seemed to happen, and showed them the error message. After a few minutes of pondering, it turned out that one of the gems needed to be re-installed. I felt good about the fact that I wasn’t just making a dumb mistake, that it was easily rectified, and that, seeing what was done there, I probably would have eventually been able to figure it out and fix it myself. Of course, I haven’t had time to go back to my Ruby lessons to see if I get any OTHER error messages, but it’s nice to know that one is out of the way, even if it wouldn’t have affected the workshop activities today (although my concern was that it would.)

So, after being there only about 20 minutes, I packed it up and left. I stopped in the bathroom on the way out and realized that my hair was all windblown and askew (and how 2″ long hair can get that windblown is beyond me) and my makeup was kind of weird, maybe from the wind, or…? I don’t know. All I know is that I had to laugh when I saw myself in the mirror. I did a little damage control and then left to walk to Code Fellows. No way was I getting back in any sort of car, and anyway, the weather had cleared up and Google said it was about a 30 minute walk. And truly, it was a pleasant walk, and I was there quickly enough. I was worried about walking in the boots that I was wearing, as they had hurt my feet the day before walking and at work, but maybe it was more from standing than from walking, because I was fine. Maybe I’ll take those to NYC after all.

I stopped and got a water and an iced tea before going in because I was so thirsty from the walk. So where the doors were still closed when I walked past the first time, by the time I returned, they were open. The session was in their basement classroom, which going down there was a bit unnerving for a second – was I in the right place? But once I opened the door and actually entered that area, it was fine.

There ended up being a lot more people than I expected – 40, maybe? It was really good though. Definitely lots of info, although a lot was stuff I’d already read on the website, but it was reassuring to hear it from actual people. They had some alumni, so they shared their experiences, which was also nice.

Afterwards, I was able to talk to a couple of instructors, the admissions person, the careers person, and I think the marketing guy. Everyone was super nice and helpful, and I discovered that I may be able to jump ahead a bit farther than I’d originally thought, but I need to look at the class curriculums again, more on that later. I was also told that they were about to begin offering scholarships soon, and specifically for women, so that may increase my odds of going there. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that and explore it more. After all of this, I’d hate to say that I was going to just forego even applying to Ada again, but I’m still not holding my breath there, and I really do just want to get started. And as much as I like the length and immersion of Ada, and the internship, I also like the brevity of CF, as well as the option to do more than just Ruby. In point of fact, I found myself getting more excited about more of the options than I was before. Even the iOS stuff sounded interesting to me. And I do feel like, even though I haven’t been focused on JavaScript recently, that it would be good to do that instead of Ruby, but there is always the option to learn that as well.

So, at this point it will be interesting to see how today goes. I also felt a bit more camaraderie with the other people at the info session at CF, although that was likely because everyone at Ada was just focused on getting their installs done, and I didn’t really feel like anyone I met at CF was where I’m at, as far as self-education and focus on where to go from here. Who knows? I may not love my experience today, and want to just focus on CF. Or I may love it more than I thought I would and press on. More later.

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