Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 – Zen Coding, Emmet & Plugins

I was just going to edit the last post as a follow-up, but then I decided it deserved its own (if quick) post.

In the last post earlier today, I expressed that The Perfect  Workflow tutorial for Sublime Text 2 had a high learning curve, and that I was also having some trouble with some things that it seemed like should have been pre-installed or something.

After doing a few more lessons, I think that this tutorial is probably outdated. In lesson 4.1, it walks you through the (easy) installation of Zen Coding using Package Control. Except that it doesn’t work. Apparently, because Zen Coding doesn’t exist anymore, except as part of Emmet.

So, I’m sitting here trying to install Zen Coding and it’s not showing up in the list, so I look it up – WHAT AM I MISSING? and all I’m finding is Emmet. After looking over a few results, I just install Emmet. Zen Coding still doesn’t show up on its own (or at all, after I’ve installed Emmet) but it does begin to function, and I am able to follow the rest of the lesson.

Next Lesson? EMMET.
And the brief description indicates that when this tutorial was made, Emmet was still in development, and it’s been long enough since it was made that Zen Coding no longer exists on its own, it is now part of Emmet. That would have been nice to know before I began the Essential Plugins lessons.

Oh well, at least I figured it out, but serious facepalm when I got to 4.2. Geez.

ETA: Less than a minute into 4.2, NOW I am informed that if it is after 9/2012 (!!!) that I may want to check to see if Emmet is available. Again, it would have been nice if the lessons stated that before I tried to install Zen Coding and temporarily just thought I was crazy or a giant dummy.

AETA: As noted above, and in the previous post, I have felt all along like there was something missing, such as some things that should have been installed prior to watching this tutorial, and at some point, I’m going to have to go back to the beginning and watch again, as I have just discovered that this was true. I’m still in lesson 4.2, and again, some commands were NOT working. Stopped and tried Googling, couldn’t find anything, went back and watched again, and realized that he keeps mentioning a “prefixr plugin” which I don’t recall there being any indication that I should have installed it (or it happened at a point before the one in which I realized that I was going to have to stop this tutorial every few seconds to find, install or catch up on something), but after I realized this and installed it, it works. So my suspicion is confirmed.
SIDE NOTE: This tutorial is taking A LOT LONGER than it says it will, because I have to keep pausing because he goes so fast, and because I keep having to google and install stuff.

ALSO OF NOTE: I don’t know what I missed here, but the tutorial shows that you are working in a style sheet, and gives the example that (in the future, which is the present for me) you are supposed to be able to add a carat ^, but it wasn’t working at the time of the tutorial (but you should try it!) and it was driving me crazy, until I realized that what he was using the ^ with was html, so if I just switch to an html file, it works. *tears hair out*

AETA: And then in 4.3 (Cross-Browser CSS with Prefixr) it walks you through installer Prefixr, which makes no sense since YOU ALREADY HAD TO USE IT IN THE PREVIOUS LESSON. UNGH.

Final note: Not done with this yet – I ran out of time for the day trying to get Sidebar Enhancements working (even though they apparently aren’t really available for ST2 anymore (at least not as a package, for sure), but just wanted to add that for all my frustration, I am liking all the functionality in Sublime Text 2, and I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to using it regularly : )

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