I’m soooo tired…

…I haven’t slept a wink…

Not true, actually. I have slept many winks, every night and in fact, am pretty much sleeping like the dead. I just like that song. Thanks, Beatles.

I feel like I am extra tired though, from all the extra activity – not just trying to fulfill the pre-reqs while still very actively working, but going downtown on the bus a couple of times in the last couple of days, telling my co-workers that I am leaving, etc. I had every intention of getting up at 4 today, but just couldn’t do it, especially since we have graduation at 8, which seems like it means we may not end up getting home until 11? We’ll see.

I had my interview on Wednesday, and felt very confident about it, and sure enough, later that afternoon got an email that I’d been accepted. YAY! But then I had to start informing people, and it was near the end of the day, so next day. I got home and went through the process of reserving my spot and started receiving kind of a flood of emails, and had to discuss some things with my husband, and next thing you know, everyone is wondering what’s for dinner? Oops. I see a lot more of that in our future.

Thursday I managed to get through some more (new) pre-reqs for the Unix and Git class that I am now signed up for, and some more of the Perfect Workflow videos. I’d asked in my interview about using 2 vs 3, and received an email about that this morning (last night?) that said the same thing Brook at CF told me last night during the info session that I went to (specific to the boot camp), which was basically, yes, 2 is outdated, but 3 is still in beta, so maybe a touch unstable, but you can use either or both or whatever. So there you go. I guess I’ll d/l 3.

Right before I was to leave for work yesterday, I got my scholarship app, so I got that filled out and rushed off to work. Informed half of my co-workers. It wasn’t too weird. All of them totally get it. Came home to new backpack (yay!), ate a salad real quick, changed my clothes and off I went to the info session. I was the only person currently enrolled, but it was still informative. Afterwards, I spoke with Brook directly and got some of my more specific questions answered. Then he asked if he could ask ME a specific questions, which turned out to be how would it impact me if they moved the start date for the boot camp back by a week? Apparently, anyone who would be teaching the class would somehow only have a week in between classes, and they want to give them more time. As there are 2 months between the end of boot camp and the beginning of the JS DA, it doesn’t matter to me, plus I’ll get one more week to prepare.

I toyed briefly with the idea of working a little longer and quickly decided – fuck that. I can really use more time, it’ll be a nicer transition, and any money that I would make in that extra work wouldn’t be worth it. Plus, I was already planning on being off work. It’s not like this will set me back overall a week, I’ll just get a week less in between. So that will mean I’ll have ten full days off in between my last day at work and my first day at school. Should be good to get things more in order around here.

Today, I’ll visit the bank to get some info about a personal loan, hopefully try to get in some tutorial time, and then it’s off to graduation. Work tomorrow, but only a few hours. It’s weird to realize that at this point, I’ve only got 3 more Saturdays left (because there are 3 I’m taking off – one for car show, one is 4th of July, and one to go to Chelan for the weekend.) Saturdays have long been the bane of my existence. It’s REAAAAAALLLLY hard to get up and go to work on Saturday when you know everyone else is going out to breakfast or going sailing or whatever fun thing everyone is doing. I stopped turning pre-planned activities down a few years ago, but I still feel the sting of the spontaneous stuff. And it’s not like I think I’ll never work on a Saturday ever again, but it seems like it will be more my choice. We’ll see.

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